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Specializing in barrel horse training and futurity campaigning
        I love creating horses that are broke, supple, and love their jobs. My horses are responsive in face, neck, shoulder, ribs, and hip before going to the barrel pattern. I don't believe in intimidation or force; rather, in making the right thing easy, and the wrong thing hard. Therefore, a horse will decide he/she "likes" to do it the "easy" (correct) way. I will never discipline a horse for an honest mistake, as long as he/she is trying--rather, continue to show the horse the correct way. This creates confidence and "try."  
        I train at the horse's pace--fast enough that they are challenged, but only at the rate where they understand what's happening and how they should be doing it on their own. In an event separated by hundredths of a second, horses need to understand their job, and be able to do as much of it on their own as possible while still listening to the rider.  I try to make my horses easy to ride.  I want them to follow my hand into and out of a barrel, with minimum "pulling."  My final goal is a confident, responsive horse that makes efficient turns and is able to run with as little assistance as possible, while still listening to the rider.

Why choose Garwood Barrel Horses for training?
     Your horse will be broke to ride.  My training focuses on foundation, not on patterning.  They will move their body parts individually, and will give their faces easily vertically and laterally.  You won't have to kick and spur to get them to do what you ask.  On the ground, they are respectful--they aren't going to be bumping into you or stepping on your feet.  This translates into respect in the saddle.
     They will be willing.  My horses understand their jobs, and understand what I'm asking, because I teach them.  I don't just pull and pattern--I teach them how to move and what all my cues mean, before ever going to the pattern.  This makes the pattern fun and easy, and creates confidence and a willing attitude towards the barrels.  They also understand that "try" and a good attitude is a must, every ride.  My horses end up being the type that always have their attention on you, whether on the ground or in the saddle.
     Your horse will be rewarded for correct responses, but also for trying, even if it's not exactly correct.  This helps keep the horse relaxed and happy, and creates a great attitude.  I also know how to apply and release pressure, which creates a horse that can handle pressure no matter the age.
     I don't promise to get your horse going on the pattern faster than anyone else.  I do promise to do my best to give your horse the foundation and individualized education needed to be the best he/she can be.
     I am honest.  You are only billed for the rides I put on.  Your bills will be broken out, line by line, so you know exactly what you're paying for.
     If you are unable to visit your horse frequently, I will create video of your horse and post it online, so you can keep track of your horse's progress and physical condition from wherever you are.  I do my best to get competition runs videoed as well.



Trained Horses Include:

Jack Wood
        3-Time National High School Rodeo Qualifier (3x in poles, 2x barrels)
        2003 11th in nation in pole bending, National HSRA
        2004 Girls Nebraska HSRA Horse of the Year
        2007 Great Plains Region NIRA Women's Horse of the Year
        2008 15th in nation in barrels--College National Finals Rodeo
        Consistent placings in regional NIRA college rodeos; used for barrels, breakaway, heading

French Man Dorky
        Consistent 1D/top 2D
        Futuritied in 2008 in partnership with Bob Jordan Quarter Horses
        Rarely tips barrels
        Complimented by Bill Myers and Troy Crumrine on how "broke" she is

A Streak of Sugar (2011)
        Ran 1D and top 2D against open competitions, after less than ninety days on the barrels
        Placed 8th at Bold Heart Futurity against tough competition
        Won 1D at Golliher's Roper Rally weekend, Saturday. One of fastest times of weekend
        Sixth at Hawki Futurity, 17.2 on standard pattern, running against Seis So Sweet (17.1 and 16.8), Kiss This Guy (ran two 17.1s),         and other top 2011 futurity horses. Fourth in breeders average.

Hopes Money Boy
        Started "Tall Boy" on barrels (35 days) and ran him at his first few jackpots before June Holeman made him into a winner and         qualified for The American!​

KK Jet Frost

WR Dash Oh Salt

More futurity horses include KK Lonsum Frost, GFR Buffys Fine Time, Moreau Frenchman Guy, Sheza Streakin Flit, Dash For Redwood, MRQH Spectacular Guy.  See for videos of many different horses trained​


I charge by ride--I feel it is much more fair than a monthly charge, as I travel often for races, and because Nebraska weather can be difficult.  I think you'll find my fees and billing to be more than fair and competitive.  I itemize every monthly bill, so you know exactly what you are paying for.  

  • $25/ride, + $150/month for feed (average 5 days per week riding)  
  • $0.25/mile for hauling to competitions, or $0.15 for exhibitions only
  • Stalling, exhibition, entry fees paid by owner
  • 15% of race winnings
  • 5% sales commission