Garwood Barrel Horses
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Before going to the pattern, I will put a good foundation on your horse.  They will be soft, responsive, and have some collection at all gaits.  They will understand how to isolate their face, shoulders, ribs, and hip, and stay in the correct position to create an efficient and athletic turn.  I strongly believe in cues and responses--not in spurring and pulling. 

I train at the horse's pace--fast enough that they are challenged, but only at the rate where they understand what's happening and how they should be doing it on their own. In an event separated by hundredths of a second, horses need to understand their job, and be able to do as much of it on their own as possible while still listening to the rider.  I try to make my horses easy to ride.  I want them to follow my hand into and out of a barrel, with minimum "pulling."  My final goal is a confident, responsive horse that makes efficient turns and is able to run with as little assistance as possible, while still listening to the rider.

Your horse will be rewarded for correct responses, but also for trying, even if it's not exactly correct.  This helps keep the horse relaxed and happy, and creates a great attitude.  I also know how to apply and release pressure, which creates a horse that can handle pressure no matter the age.

I don't promise to get your horse going on the pattern faster than anyone else.  I do promise to do my best to give your horse the foundation and individualized education needed to be the best he/she can be.

Please book early! Typical wait list time is 4-6 months