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Lil Easy Tootsie -- 2005 AQHA Gray Mare
Sold to South Dakota
Lil Easy Feature x Miss Lil Tootsie   
Full Pedigree:

        This gorgeous gray mare should have a great future in the barrels or roping. I have owned this mare since she was two. She's been brought along slowly, and has a good foundation. I started her on the barrels last year, and am currently hauling her to jackpots. She seems like she will be able to handle different types of ground.
        "Bloomer" has a lot of natural bend and rate, and is a push-style runner. I still ride her in either a smooth snaffle or twisted snaffle, but occasionally ride her in a beetle hackamore. She has done some ranch work as well. She is very conformationally correct, with good bone and feet.  
        Her pedigree is made up of run on the top and cow on the bottom. Lil Easy Cash had a speed index of 104, and Frosty Feature was AA and had his ROM on the track. Stage Bar Ted is the sire of many rope and barrel horses. Dorky was a World Show qualifier in 1981 in five events: barrels, poles, heading, heeling, and calf roping. 
        More videos at She ran in the 3D at the Mason City, IA Barrel Bash May 20-11, 2011, on her fourth run ever, with over three hundred entries each day--1.1 seconds off the fast time of the weekend. 
French Man Dorky -- 2003 Daughter of Frenchmans Guy
Sold to Nebraska 

This year she has made a lot of really great runs, so my job is done, and it is time for someone else to go have fun on her! This mare is very broke. I ride her in a snaffle, she flexes easily laterally and vertically, and it just takes a touch of your heel to move her shoulder, ribs, or hip. Bill Myers and Troy Crumrine have both complimented how broke she is. I run her in something with a medium shank and simple mouthpiece, or a beetle hackamore, and no other headgear. 

“Shy” runs 1D in a smaller pattern, and 1D/2D on a larger. She excels when the ground is good as she turns with more confidence. I entered three futurities on her as a five-year-old and then hauled her to quite a few amateur rodeos in 2009 and 2010, so she’s been there and done that. In late summer of this year I started her on THE’s Muscle Mass. After it started to take effect, she’s made the best runs of her life, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts clocking even better. I only had a few runs on her when it kicked in, and it seems to have shaved off a couple tenths, so her stats could improve even more. I really think she would be a little faster with a smaller rider than I. 

I didn’t run her at many amateurs this summer, since I was hauling several horses, and she runs great indoors. Shy has never been lame, hasn’t had injections, and has good bone and feet. She can run barefoot, but runs more aggressive with front rims. I leave her backs bare. She is outstanding at the gate—run in or walk in and set up. She waits for you to let her go. She has done ranch work, and we’ve pen roped calves on her a handful of times. She would be an incredible breakaway horse—very powerful to calves, tracks nicely already, and has a big stop. Never mare-ish--I don't even know when she's in heat. 

Shy needs at least an intermediate rider, since she is so broke. Her only vice is that she is fearful when being caught—she is an extremely sensitive type. This makes her a dream to ride as you never have to ask her twice, and she gives 100% every day. She does not pull back, stalls great, is an easy keeper, no buck, no rear, and I just can’t express how much fun she is to run. 

Email me for a stat sheet of this year’s runs, and/or just google “French Man Dorky” and “Frenchman Dorky" (sometimes her name is spelled incorrectly). Lots of videos of her at

2007 Bay Gelding
Sun Frost Country x Plum Especial/Especial

This fun little gelding can scoot!  He will be solid and experienced.  He is being futuritied at South Dakota and Nebraska futurities this year, and currently usually runs 2D.  He's starting to learn to stretch out and run, and with a small rider, I have no doubt that this can be a 1D horse.  He is very soft and bendy and is already showing great maturity and consistency.  I did run him at one amateur rodeo this year, and he ran four tenths out of placing, during his first loud nighttime performance.  This shows that he will be able to handle rodeo conditions soon.

This horse is loaded with try, giving you his best effort with no attitude, every day.  He could make a great youth horse for a confident, as he is safe to run, has no buck or rear, and is just the same horse every day.  He is a push style runner, and will go your speed.  There are no tricks to riding him--just send him hard to the first, and guide him through!  He hauls very well--stalls well, and eats and drinks on the road.  

KK Lonsum Frost has a proven pedigree, top and bottom.  Sun Frost Country has sired many WPRA and futurity winners, including TM Sakem Drift.  On the bottom, Especial has sired champions like Jess Routier's Especials Smoothie and Linda Vick’s AR Will He Tell.  Country Rebel and John Red were rated AAA in South Dakota.

KK Lonsum Frost is eligible for most of the northern breeders futurities, and has been entered in most of the breeders and open futurities this year, so he will be eligible for many derbies and maturities next year.  He is paid into the BRIF incentive, and is eligible for PESI.  

KK Sun Frost Twister is a 5 year old red roan (dark now, but will probably lighten with age) with a flaxen mane. He is nicely broke--not real fancy yet, but has all the basics and is ready to go on. Twister has not been pushed physically, and has a solid foundation. He is loping a nice barrel pattern. Quiet but works for you, gentle, and has been ridden outside. Don't let all that Sun Frost breeding fool you--this is a kind, gentle, sweet gelding. No buck--I rode him sporadically this cold winter, and he was the same every day even if if had been two weeks since I'd gotten on him. He has been ridden out in the pasture and does great. Great all-around prospect! 

Sun Frost Country is proven both as a champion competitor and as a champion sire. He is a Derby, 1D and rodeo money earner. He has sired many futurity, derby, and pro rodeo champions including TM Cider Ike, TM Sakem Drift, TM Seeker Drift, Heza Sun Frost, KK Bay Frost, and KK Country Cougar.


KK Sun Frost Twister
Sold to Nebraska guy

2011 5 yr old gelding, lightly futuritied, running top 2D-top 3D in tough competition after running only five months.  Superior disposition and conformation.  Started on poles, running 22-23's.  Also nicely started in breakaway and tie-down, running medium speed calves, works the rope.  Fancy broke, rides outside, very focused with a great work ethic. Outstanding individual!


KK Lonsum Frost
Sold to Nebraska
MRQH Spectacular Guy
Sold to Colorado
GR Flashlight Jackie--2016 Gray Filly
Gray coming 2 year old CS Flashlight filly--Here's your run on cow cross! These pictures are from summer. She has grown and filled out quite a bit. She is Pitzer bred on the bottom. She ties, picks her feet up, and is gentle. Cute as can be, blemish free. She has a confident personality. Future Fortunes paid in full, BRIF paid in full. She is eligible for breeders futurity incentives. $5000

 CS Flashlight: 
 ID Watch:
 Joe Jack Honey Bar:

2008 gelding for sale! Twozee Or Not Twozee ran AAA (SI 93) on the track! Stands 16.0 hands. He has had light riding, some ranch work, and lots of turnout since (no fault of his own—owner bought for his daughter, who didn’t pursue barrel racing). He has a nice handle and is now patterned on the barrels. He should also make a great head horse. Zee is very kind, gentle, has a great work ethic, and a sensitive mouth. His bloodlines are stacked: Dos Poruno (Mr Eye Opener/The Signature), Pie In The Sky, and Zevi on his papers. He is double-registered Appendix and Paint (solid). These pictures don’t really do him justice. He will fill out with more work, but he is very structurally correct in the hip and shoulder.

Riding video:

Pattern work video: (Zee wasn’t sure about his leads when I first got him—he does pretty well now, but still gets a little confused switching between barrels. I’ve only loped him on pattern a handful of times, as of this video)

Twozee Or Not Twozee--2008 Gelding
Sold to Kansas
Coming 5-year-old gelding for sale! By A Hunka Burnin Love (Dashin Elvis) and Easily Smashed on the bottom. Paid in full to Future Fortunes, and eligible for northern breeders futurities/derbies.

This one was started under saddle less than a year ago. He has been slower to mature physically, so I haven’t pushed him. He does still have some growing to do, but stands 14.2 (keep in mind I’m 5’7” and not little, so I make him look tiny!).

“Smash” is by Bogie Webb’s young stallion A Hunka Burnin Love: I got to run him a couple times his futurity year, and he is wicked fast and quick. His bloodlines are well proven at both futurities, open races, and pro rodeos. Smash’s dam ran on the track, was AA, and has produced a couple track winners.

He is started trotting and loping the pattern, and has a pretty nice handle on him, though not completely finished. He wants to be very soft in the face. This guy has an awesome work ethic! You can work on something tedious and he’s all in. He will keep working and trying when he’s tired, and I have no doubt he will be a very gritty horse when finished. 

He was wanting to buck off and on last year, when cinched up. He had a combination of a sore withers and back and minor ulcers for awhile, so I think it got in his head for a bit. He had a couple months off, and I just started riding him again, and he hasn’t thought about it. On the plus side, it’s only when cinched up the first time. I usually just lunge him for a few minutes to make sure he’s good. He’s not the spooky, skittish type, and he has never bucked with a rider. I don’t think this will be a chronic thing, just a colt thing—but I am completely honest about my horses!

He loads and backs out of a trailer, ties quietly, has been ridden out in the pasture, and has a nice long stride for his size. He is sound, but does have an old cut on his coronet band that causes a wrinkle to grow out in one hoof. My farrier agrees it is cosmetic. He is barefoot and it causes no problems.

Asking $4500​
Smash Hit Mitt--2013 Gelding

Coming 7-year-old gelding for sale! He is high loping the pattern nice, ready to haul and continue on. This guy is very fast! Every horse on his pedigree won on the track. He stands a little over 15.1 hands. 

 “Legend” was not started under saddle until his 4-5 year old winter. I’ve ridden him off and on since then (my horses come after the outside horses, and sometimes get behind), started him on the barrels, and hauled him a handful of times last year. He is coming along nicely for as little time as I’ve had for him. He is not a finished horse. He has been high-loping two seconds off, at tougher races.

He is a hotter and free-running type, so needs a quiet, patient rider. He will not tolerate someone with rough hands, or who uses a lot of spur to correct one. He is very sensitive and can get anxious if you don’t stay patient with him. He will take some time to finish out. I think his ideal situation would be someone who is already hauling to jackpots, ready to start finishing out their next horse, but isn’t in a big hurry. 

He has a couple old scars (very old stifle cut—stifle was not injured; and between shoulder and neck on left side, from an abscess), but is sound and up to date on teeth, vaccinations, and worming. Vet checks welcome at your expense. He has good feet and has not been shod. 

Absolutely no buck or rear in this horse. His biggest downfall is his brakes at a run, but I’ve started to work solely on that in the last couple weeks, so he should be improving (Like I mentioned, sometimes my personal horses fall behind, after focusing on outside horses!). I don’t really want to sell this gelding as I know he will finish out really cool, but I want to rodeo with my husband the next couple years, and I simply have too many horses of my own to be able to keep up. I promised training spots to several owners in March-April, and will be overloaded. And, those pesky things called bills.
Asking $5000

October 2017:
October 2017:
September 2017:
September 2017:

Last summer, demonstrating second barrel drills for a client:

Two Legends--2011 Gelding
Joe Boy Wood--2004 Gelding
Sold to Nebraska
 This nice gelding is in on consignment. He’s seasoned and solid, and getting sharper every day as I tune him up.  He ran mid 2D at the 2013 Bonus Race Finals open race, and the current owner's daughter ran him at some high school rodeos. She is off to college now, which is the reason for sale. I think he is experienced/confident youth suitable, and has plenty of speed for someone wanting a fun jackpot horse. He has also headed steers and cruises through the poles. He is quiet, but not lazy, to ride around, and will slow work the pattern. This horse will go your speed, and should be intermediate youth suitable, up to open jackpot/rodeo level, with a good rider. He listens to and adapts to his rider. He has a very sweet, willing, want-to-please disposition. No vices--not gate or buddy sour, hauls well, no buck or rear, rides in the pasture. He is big and solid, standing 15.3hh.

Competition video:  2nd in 2D, around 85 entries 

Competition video:
 He ran an 18.8, 18.0 won it, run by a horse that's been winning and placing at Mid-State rodeos. There were 88 entries.

Competition video:
"Joey" ran an 18.1, my first time running him. It was a very small jackpot, but my big bay that's been running 1d/2d and placed at a couple of his first rodeos, won it with a 17.7. "Joey" was good at the gate, let me set him up, and worked nice. 

Poles: He was just patterned when I got him in for training, and this is only his fifth day working poles with me. He won't take long to finish out.

Working at home:

2005 mare available! Dash For Cash on her papers twice, along with Mito Paint and Shoot Yeah/Easy Jet. She is by Rebel Dasher (a Rebel Dasher just won the 1D Shootout at the Patriot Barrel Race this year). This mare has not been used to her potential, and has the ability to win something. I’m in love with her—she has a lot of speed and power (and isn’t even in the greatest of shape yet), and really loves to work. She has a very nice foundation and is light mouthed. She needs an intermediate rider, simply because she is broke and sensitive enough to do what you tell her, and has power and speed. No buck or rear.

“Kit” has been lightly hauled with her current and past owners. She has been mostly turned out last year due to the owner’s busy schedule. I had Kit in the summer of 2016 for a tune-up, and really liked her then as well. I will be hauling this mare until sold. Run her for a few years, and then have some really nice colts out of her—she is definitely broodmare quality. She stands 15.2 hands tall, and has very correct conformation. Asking $7000

Competition runs:

Working at home, March 2018:

Video from summer 2016:

I Gotta Dasher--2005 Mare