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I have seen great results with these products and believe in them fully!

Silver Lining Herbs
What I love about SLH is that they have a solution for every problem! As long as you get the right products to get to the root of the problem--you will see a difference!  The customer support is outstanding, and I believe in using nutrition to solve problems, not drugs or chemicals, whenever possible!  The quality of the products is so high.  Check out and for more information, and shoot me a text for 10% off!

I use  Zesterra (formerly known as Equi-Sure...exact same product, different name) when hauling for ulcer prevention , to settle the stomach and nerves before a run, and to keep a horse eating and drinking.  Ulcers are very common and can develop quickly, and will wreck your horse's performance.  I love the simplicity of it (use as needed, instead of daily).  Check out  and for more info, and contact me to order!